Mission Statement: Infuse elements of art to enhance life    


     Leesa Simone is a Local 706 Union Makeup Artist based in Los Angeles, CA, with a career that has taken her around the World.


        Her talent, strong business acumen and vast experience as a Production Makeup Artist has led her to work with major Companies, legendary Show Runners, Directors, Producers, Athletes and Celebrities.  Her kind and modest personality has offered her amazing opportunities that have propelled her career forward. Leesa's ability to compassionately lead a team and execute above and beyond business management has allowed her to excel as a Department Head, but is a respectful and humbled team player, who can be lead - which makes her a valuable asset to any project and crew.


     On a more personal level, Leesa was born and raised in Sammamish, WA, but considers Denver, CO her home.  Her father, Val Edward Simone, a former Director/Writer/Producer is now a best-selling book author from Payson, AZ. 


    She will eagerly share with you that besides her career - her greatest loves are her animals. She labels herself as the ultimate "Animal Lover" and Vegan advocate. She has created the International Wildlife Sanctuary organization and hopes to one day make a sustainable impact on rescuing as many animals as possible.